The Olympic Lifts are becoming an integral part of  Crossfit. It’s hard to find a WOD or competition these days that does not have some sort of Snatch, Clean, or Squat movement. To be a successful Crossfit athlete you must be at least proficient at the lifts. Seminars are a great way for the whole box to get the specific highly focused technique and programing needed for oly lifting proficiency.

A BeStrong Seminar is designed for the average Crossfitter. Throughout the day each athlete will learn the most important basic fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts. Starting with the Snatch working through each Snatch position and then working to the Clean and Jerk.We also adress the squats and even flexibility and speed drills. There is quite a lot of opinion and information out there about the best and worst ways to do these lifts. I try to use basic principles of  physics, anatomy, and my experience to navigate to the best way for each lifter to approach the lifts.

Not only does every participant get to lift and hopefully PR, but there is quite a bit of discussion and lecture to answer each athletes specific questions and adress any common problems. Time is taken to go over programing theory and give some basic fundamentals to help the athlete program their oly workouts.

Seminars are helpful but they are also a ton of fun. We crank the music, throw some weight around, slam some bars and get PRs. To this point close to 100% of participants at Be Strong seminars end up with at least 1 PR.

I try to make these seminars affordable for the lifter. For the box owner they are a money maker. I always allow coaches to participate for free and I kick back a percentage to the gym based off of how many participants there are. So if you are a gym owner and you could make everyone in your gym better while making a little extra money for your box, why wouldn’t you sign up for a Be Strong seminar today?



BSA has teamed with FTF to offer weekend long athletic development seminars. The FTF coaching team including Coach Kevin Hughes, Trainer Brian Hylander and Olympic Coach Charles Shipman take your gym through multiple aspects of athletic training specifically in regards to Crossfit. Check the info at FTF and get your gym signed up.


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