At Be Strong Athletics, we believe in our clients, and helping them reach their goals.
Here’s a look at the BSA experience from our featured athlete.
“My technique from before I worked with Coach to now is night and day and each training day I
leave feeling like a better weightlifter than when I walked in. Working with Coach has not only
made a huge impact on me as a weightlifter but as a person.”  – Casey Hutnick
Client: Casey Hutnick
Age: 19
Athletic background: Basketball through mid-high school, 1 year of Crew.
Three years Crossfit, now competing and through Crossfit, now Olympic Lifting.
BSA Client since: summer 2012.

I came to BSA as a Crossfit athlete looking to improve my performance through weightlifting. Within a month of training with Coach Shipman I competed in my first two weightlifting meets. I am training now to qualify for Nationals in Palm Springs, Ca. The gains I have made in my snatch and clean and jerk this past month have been huge, just one of the many being a 76kg clean and jerk (a 6 kg PR) in just 2 and half weeks!

Coach Shipman breaks down the lifts and communicates very clearly what needs to change and what doesn’t. He is able to watch a lift and right away point out what could be done to improve it. Coach is an amazing weightlifter and I am constantly blown away and inspired when I see him lift. His talent and passion for Olympic Weightlifting and coaching is more than obvious.


Coach’s expectations of me are high, and each training day I’m motivated to meet them. There is an intentional emphasis on not only lifting the weight, but doing it correctly.  He has taught me that being physically strong in this sport is important but being mentally strong is even more important, and both are challenging.

Though I know I have many more mental “walls” to knock down, I can not tell you how many I have already conquered which contribute directly to my gains in the sport and my everyday life. Having a coach who really believes in his athletes makes all the difference.  I can not express how absolutely blessed and honored I feel to have Coach Shipman as my coach.