Tupperware and Microwaves. How Bodybuilder Kai Greene Changed a Weightlifters Life.

“ It doesn’t matter where you are at when you dare to dream, and it doesn’t matter where you have been. Just keep dreaming and keep working, and the better picture that you are looking to create for yourself, it can be attained.”

-Kai Greene-


I don’t typically watch bodybuilding videos. In fact, I think I can name like 4 bodybuilders. Before tonight I have never heard the name Kai Greene. While watching “weightlifting” videos tonight, YouTube suggested a video titled “I’ll never be a weightlifter.” Kai Greene had some great points about weightlifting versus bodybuilding so I watched “A day in the life of Kai Greene.” Changed my life.


BeStrong’s philosophy is based on the idea that it’s the hard thing in life that make us strong. 2 time Arnold Classic winner, Kai is a humble dedicated man. He realizes that strength of character is what has the potential to build strength of body. I never thought that a 15 minute video of someone buying Tupperware and microwaving broccoli could have such an impact. I want to live this. I want to teach this. I want my athletes to ingrain this in their spirits to become better lifters, but more so better people. “What I’m focusing on is the development of character, which speaks to your ability to follow through, and start to string together days of efficient action on a very basic level. It’s just not that important to everybody else, and if it’s more important to other people than it is to you, then there’s a large part of your better potential that will not be tapped.” –Kai Greene-


Kai is talking about bodybuilding but I am relating it to life. Any goal you have starts with a change in character, then a change in action, which causes a change in habit. I sometimes argue that a change in character can sometimes take place by first changing your actions. I know that my mind was changed tonight. I know that I wanted to get up and go to the gym, and read my Bible and love my wife. Start to string together moments of efficiency.

Take some time to watch this video. Specifically minutes 12-16.

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