Oh The People We Will Meet

My pastor once told me “There are no neutral encounters. Every person you meet, you either bring them closer to God or you push them further away.” He may have stole that saying but it stuck with me. My life as a weightlifter, a husband, a Christian and as a person has been molded more by the people I have encountered than the events that have¬†occurred.

A few times in our lives we have encounters that skew our lives in different directions. Unexpectedly they change us. We are going one way and suddenly we have changed course. Maybe we don’t realize it but if we look back we can see that our lives are different. I could write a blog about each person. Pastor Dan, Ben Ragsac, Jon North etc. But I won’t. Today is the Kevin Hughes era.

Coach K and I are not best friends. In fact we have met in person only 5 times. The first time I rudely butted in and took over in the middle of him trying to coach an OLY meet. Casey asked afterwards, “So what do you think of Coach?” “I don’t know yet. I get the feeling there are a few people that don’t like him much, and I don’t think he likes me.” I was half right. As is common with dynamic men, you love em or you hate em. Coach K did like me though. He is just a thoughtful person that is cautious of himself and more importantly his athletes.

I know I am the new kid on the block, but I want people to realize how blessed they are to have Coach. This is being said coming from a guy who has no idea weather or not Kevin’s ¬†programming is good or successful. I know this. Nobody works harder than Coach. He cares more for his athletes than we could ever know. He works hard with a smile on his face. Coach K has made himself successful by making others around him successful. What an important lesson in life! I am lucky to be a benefactor of that. Every time I talk to Coach it’s always “let’s get you some more clients,” and “I really want to grow your business.”

I’m on my way. I was headed one direction and now I’m pointed North. I will look back and add Kevin Hughes to the list of people that have skewed my trajectory. Thanks coach K for thinking of yourself by thinking of others. Thank you for only training strong people. Thank you for not giving yourself to everyone so you can give yourself to the people you love. Thank you for teaching me that “thank you” is not only expressed with money. Thanks for the Coach K era.

humble enough to still be taught

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