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Sports performance, personal training & Olympic lifting coaching. Providing strength for sports, strength for life.


The hardest things in life are also the most worthwhile. It’s not about the amount of weight on the bar, the size of the opponent, or the difficulty of the challenge, it’s about choosing that challenge¬†because it’s difficult. The strength it takes to become a better athlete, or lift a weight, or show up to the gym everyday, is the same strength it takes to BE STRONG in life. We train athletes as whole people, facing life head on, setting and tackling their goals.


At BE STRONG we strive to not only create stronger athletes, but stronger people. Using a variety of proven methods to gain athletic strength, primarily Olympic lifts (snatch and clean & jerk), coupled with speed, power and agility training our philosophy sets us toward helping our athletes achieve both their athletic and personal goals. We train and coach all kinds of athletes: wrestlers, basketball players, football players, track athletes and weightlifters.

We can help any athlete run faster, jump higher, lift heavier and BE STRONGER.


With personally tailored training sessions and workout programs, we meet our athletes where they’re at: beginner to advanced. Visit our BE STRONG training menu to get started on your road to a stronger life.

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